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On March 14, 2017 Ms. Esmeralda Ballesha, the Coordination Unit of the NBF was invited into a roughly two hours debate into the most popular TV in Albania- Top Channel- at the program entitled Top-Show. The main debate topic was informal economy. During the discussion, Ms. Ballesha stated that the business community sought to tackle the issue of informality since 2013, before the government put it in its agenda, while the National Business Forum was among the firsts who studied this phenomenon. In addition, Ms. Ballesha added that the government action against informality yielded some initial positive results related to the increase of the registered employees, but there is not any official figure on the decrease of the overall level of informality as far business endeavored to find other ways of being informal. Most of businesses shifted from active to passive status, thus the government should stress to the business community the benefits of becoming formal rather than undertake hasty steps in this regard.

Full debate:
Part 1: http://top-channel.tv/new/tv/videot.php?id=91654
Part 2: http://top-channel.tv/new/tv/videot.php?id=91653
Part 3: http://top-channel.tv/new/tv/videot.php?id=91652
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