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On May 12, 2017 Ms. Esmeralda Ballesha, the Coordination Unit of the National Business Forum (NBF), was invited into the Scan TV program entitled “To talk”. The main topic of discussion was the chances that agribusiness companies and farmers have about Grant absorption and Compensation Schemes through national and international funds.
Ms. Ballesha declared that despite the fact that there are many national and international funds (AZHBR; SARED; IPARD II), they still remain less accessible by agribusinesses and farmers. The high informality, lack of legal and financial documentation, occasionally even basic ones; administrative procedures and bureaucracy; lack of time and land property where the investment is realized, which is a critical condition if applied to international schemes, are some of barriers that hinder the application in these schemes. According to her another obstacle, especially regarding EU funds, its food safety. The coordination Unit stated that farmers, unlike agro processors, have almost no access to these international funds. Finally, Mrs. Ballesha said that there must be a combination between agricultural sector and tourism, especially since the latter has a reduced VAT of 6%.
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkoFYH3OAg4
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