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On June 21, 2017 Ms. Esmeralda Ballesha, the Coordination Unit of the National Business Forum (NBF) prepared an article for the SCAN . This article aimed at analyzing the Guideline no.24 issued by the Ministry of Finance which legitimizes the way the taxpayer’s electronic communications function with the tax administration. In this article Ms. Ballesha emphasized that meanwhile the businesses are in charge of duties that have in place the rigorous implementation of all system usage rules, when the tax administration's duty session comes surprisingly, all the sentences start with 'no' by discharging all the obligations that the tax administration should have towards the 'e-user' or the taxpayer by thus removing the guarantee of a secure process of securing and processing the data. In addition, she added that the anger becomes bigger not only because the Tax Administration leaves no space for appealing the penalties sanctioned by law, but accordingly it has no obligation for any action or fine that can happen from the system, the maximum that can be done is to apologize on behalf of the machine.  This article is closed up with the key message that each contract concluded between two or more parties must have equal rights or obligations or at least the other party has the opportunity to be protected, so that the legitimacy of the contract not only be put in but the other party has at least guaranteed the progress of a fair co-operation process.
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