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On July 7, 2017 Dr. Zef Preçi, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) gave an interview for Ora News TV. The interview was focused on the slowdown of Albanian economic growth, but Mr. Preçi also mentioned the overall business environment in Albania.

Dr. Preçi stated that economic growth slowdown in the last three months reflects the overall business environment. One of the main reasons for this slowdown, he added was the election campaign. Even though the latter was a peaceful one, it did not affect businesses and investors. Informal and often criminal campaigned funds increased the value of the national currency. He stated that public procurements suspension was another reason for the economic slowdown. The procurement system plays a major role through the businesses chain effect related to the supply of goods and services. He concluded that, their reopening will be associated with ineffective expenditures.

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