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CU's meeting with Central Inspectorate
 On July 7, 2017, the Coordination Unit and two other NBF members, the Albanian Tourism Association and Women’s Association, attended a meeting with Shkelqim Hajdari, General Inspector from the Central Inspectorate.
Central Inspectorate initiated this meeting to reinvigorate its previous working contacts after several years’ hiatus in pursuing any public private dialogue.
The meeting was attended by the following guests: Union of Chambers of Commerce, National Business Forum CU, and members, Investment Council, national and international business organizations and media.
The main issues discussed were the challenges that are common to business and tax inspectors, more specifically the following: Online inspections (from 10 July all inspectors will be using the electronic inspection system "e-Inspection") increasing business awareness and increasing the transparency of public Inspectorates to better collaborate with  the private business.
The Inspectorate didn’t react to the NBF’s proposals in any way (due to the format of the meeting; wasn’t one-on-one dialogue with NBF).
During the meeting, Coordination Unit and one other Forum member introduced some of the National Business Agenda (NBA) recommendations related to the discussion issues (to improve the inspectorates’ functioning).
To further discuss the NBA, a meeting with Mr. Shkëlqim Hajdari, General Inspector of the Central Inspectorate will be arranged. A copy of the NBA was sent to the General Inspectorate email address to consult priory the NBF recommendations next meeting that will be realized within September 2017.
The Inspectorate has a legislative initiative but it remains to be seen whether it will translate into any changes due to the heavily centralized legislative decision-making system in Albania. The Central Inspectorate at the moment coordinates and monitors the following inspectorates:
·         National Inspectorate of the Territory Defense
·         Railway Inspection Directorate
·         The General Directorate of Metrology and the Albanian Authors’ Right office
·         State Inspectorate of Education
·         The State Labor and Social Services Inspectorate
·         State Health Inspectorate
·         National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices
·         The radiation protection office
·         Technical and Industrial State Inspectorate
·         Inspection Department of Mine Clearance
·         State Inspectorate of Environment and Forestry
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