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On July 11, 2017 Dr. Zef Preçi, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER), was invited in  a Scan TV program. The main topic of discussion was about “Berlin Process” and more specifically about the Trieste summit that took place on July 11.
Mr. Preçi stated that the gist of this initiative has been to keep open the door of the integration of the Western Balkans countries and to increase regional security and stability. He then added that, overall the expected result of this process has been the improvement of governance, but this initiative has only served for domestic political consumption to the regional leaders.
ACER’s Executive Director stated that the weakening of EU during the last decade have created a favorable atmosphere for the increase of political leaders’ arrogance. He also mentioned the Western Balkan’s lack of capacities and expertise to build joint projects and programs for which EU and Germany offered their financial support. Mr Preçi concluded that the WB common market is an opportunity that should be seized.
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