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On September 8-th, 2017, Dr. Zef Preçi, Executive Director of Albanian Center for Economic Research (ACER) and also a NBF member, wrote an article for one of the most prominent magazines in Albania, Monitor.al. In this article Mr. Preçi tackled the most recent initiative of the Albanian Government regarding the reform in the public administration and more specifically the merge of tax and custom directorate and the impact that the latter will have on the business climate. 

Dr. Preçi stated that the government should make public the analysis they conducted regarding the malfunctioning of the public institutions, should assess the impact that this initiative will have and also make the proper preparation  in overcoming the difficulties they may encounter. According to him, the merge of the tax and customs directorate contributes to the fiscal performance improvement and can also contribute in real terms to the reduction of evasion and constructing institutions that are more focused in gathering tax revenues. Also, in building a constructive dialogue with the business community, conducting financial evidence based analysis on business developments and providing on this basis the arguments for future fiscal policies that can be pursued in increasing the technical capacity of relevant staff.

Link: http://www.monitor.al/reforma-ne-institucione-pa-analize-dhe-objektiva-rrezikon-perseritjen-e-gabimeve-2/
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