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On September 8-th, 2017 Esmeralda Ballesha, Coordination Unit (CU) of National Business Forum (NBF) was invited at Scan TV program entitled “Për të Fol”. In this show various issues were tackled such as business-private dialogue, the expectations from the new government, informality, tax inspections as well as the advocacy and monitoring of the NBA recommendations with public institutions. 
Ms. Ballesha stated that PPD was one of the main campaign promises of the previous government, but with the exception of the Investment Council (IC), others such as the Tax Council and NEC were not effective. She added that these platforms have failed because of the lack of effective and long-term strategy. According to her, should be created roundtables and not just hearings, especially for business people who need consultation. She takes as an example the fight against informality, which would be more effective if the business was previously informed and consulted not just punished.

Ms. Ballesha expresses that creating the Ministry of Entrepreneurship is a positive initiative, but not the best alternative possible because according to her, institutions that were created to facilitate PPD should be strengthened, consolidated and respected.
CU is concerned about the many turnovers that are expected to take place in the public administration. This, according to her, will have a negative impact on the advocacy and monitoring of public institutions regarding NBA recommendations.

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G_06G31xMk&list=PL3YL6-Otf2D9iN3-1ITkZIP7FuQSPF7Na&index=9

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