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On 14 September, 2017, Dr. Pre├ži was invited at "Confrontation" TV Show. In this discussion participated Dr.Zef Preci, Executive Director of ACER, member of NBF, Dr. Ardian Civici, President of European University of Tirana, Ilir Ciko, Harvard Alumni and Dr. Enriko Ceko, Dean of Ecnonomic and Social Sciences Faculty, University College Wisdom. Dr. Preci stated that GTD and Customs Directorate merger is a positive initiative taken by the goverment. Dr. Preci also listed the reasons for the lack of FDI where he mentioned, instabillity of fiscal legislation and low labour quality. Dr. Enriko Ceko, participant in the NBA launching conference, stated that the expansion of public administration during the pre-election campaign is associated with the recruitment of inadequate staff with lack of professionalism. Thus,  supporting one of the NBA recommendations.
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