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On 21 September 2017, Ms, Ballesha wrote an article regarding PPD with Telegraf newspaper. In this article CU tackled Government Rama II recent initiative regarding public – private dialogue. She stated that the establishment of the Ministry of State will allow every business to be part of the consultation; unlike previous platforms where membership was exclusive (only a few businesses were part). Later she described  the reasons why PPD platforms failed citing  NBA analyses (even mentioning it) such as: lack of previous assessment and feasibility studies; platforms overlap; lack of expected and effective outcomes from existing platforms; lack of communication channels outside Tirana; lack of transparency on existing platforms; Lack of technical capacity of existing platforms representative secretariats and lack of effective implementation of the Law on "Public Notice and Consultation". She hopes that the recent established Ministry of Entrepreneurship would enhance the collaboration with the government and be more inclusive with businesses.
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