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On January 8, 2017 Esmeralda Ballesha, Coordination Unit of National Business Forum (NBF) along with Ramadan Sopoti, Albanian Center for Economic Research conducted a meeting with DPA representative to discuss regarding the recruitment of tax administration employees (A.F.1).

During this meeting, NBF Coordinator described the activities that the Forum has conducted over the last four years, presenting some of the printed materials (leaflets) and also the National Business Agenda (NBA). She raised in particular the issues raised by the business community for the recruitment of tax administration of employees with inadequate qualifications for these positions

DPA put on the table the Decision no. 243, dated 18.03.2015 “On admission, parallel movement, probationary period and appointment in the executive category” by which the applicants were recruited to the civil service position and the same decision was applied in the case of recruitment of tax administration.

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